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Dan is a proponent of Open Source Matters and an avid supporter of The Linux Foundation. He runs Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon and Mate on all his PC platforms, including his laptops, netbook and Desktop tower. Dan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, a Master of Science degree in Information Technology with a specialty in network architecture, and has completed all his course requirements and two colloquia toward his Ph.D. in IT Education. Until just recently, Dan was employed by Capella University as an adjunct faculty teaching assistant but the program was terminated after a year-and-a-half and he was laid off along with the entire TA staff just prior to the holidays. Dan holds a Post-Masters Certificate in College Teaching from Capella University which he received in July, 2012.

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privacy_and_securityIf you’re a member of the Google+ social networking site, I wanted to let you know that I have started up a new community on that social networking platform called “Online Privacy & Security.”

This new community consists of privacy and security conscious individuals who want to maintain their privacy and secure their data while surfing and interacting on the Web. The community started with a single password manager application called KeePassX. In fact, the community was originally called KeePassX. But now, the community is expanding to a broader focus away from a single application to include additional applications that help individuals remain safe while surfing the Internet. The Online Privacy and Security community is also designed to spread the word on how you can protect yourself on the Web regardless of Web browser or platform you use to access it.

The plan for the future of Online Privacy and Security community on Google+ is to offer a wide range of information, FAQs, and Weblinks to sites that teach you how to maintain your privacy and to secure your data at all times.

Please consider joining the community to learn more about security and privacy on the Web. You, too, will be able to contribute your own knowledge while you interact with and learn from other community members.

You must be a Google+ registered member to join. The link is: https://plus.google.com/communities/101189587235005983272?hl=en-GB .


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